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2020-12-24REI.UNRioCan REIT cuts dividend by a third to $0.08 monthly
2020-12-22WSMWilliams-Sonoma raises dividend 10.4% to $0.53 quarterly
2020-12-18AMGNAmgen raises dividend 10% to $1.76 quarterly
2020-12-17KLKirkland Lake Gold Ltd. raises dividend 50.4% to $0.188 quarterly
2020-12-16LLYEli Lilly & Company raises dividend 15% to $0.85 quarterly
2020-12-16TFIITFI International raises dividend 11.5% to $0.29 quarterly
2020-12-15ABTAbbott Laboratories raises dividend 25% to $0.45 quarterly
2020-12-14AVGOBroadcom raises dividend 11% to $3.60 quarterly
2020-12-14TRNTrinity Industries raises dividend 10.5% to $0.21 quarterly
2020-12-14PKGPackaging Corporation of America raises dividend 26.6% to $1.00 quarterly
2020-12-11AFGAmerican Financial Group announces special dividend of $2.00 per share
2020-12-10TGTredegar Corporation to pay a special dividend of $5.97 per share
2020-12-09TJXTJX Cos. raises dividend 13% to $0.26 quarterly
2020-11-26ATD.BAlimentation Couche-Tard raises dividend 21.4% to $0.085 quarterly
2020-11-26HPQHewlett-Packard raises dividend 10% to $0.194 quarterly
2020-11-24MKCMcCormick & Company raises dividend 9.7% to $0.68 quarterly
2020-11-23MSIMotorola Solutions raises dividend 11% to $0.71 quarterly
2020-11-23NKENIKE raises dividend 12% to $0.275 quarterly
2020-11-20AFLAFLAC raises dividend 18% to $0.33 quarterly
2020-11-17BPF.UNBoston Pizza Royalties Income Fund cuts dividend 36.3% to $0.065 monthly

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