SymbolCompanyYield PercentageNext Ex-div Date
AW.UNA&W Revenue Royalties Income Fund6.154%2023-09-14
DRXADF Group Inc. Subordinate Voting Shares0.418%2023-09-28
FAPAberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Investment Company Li8.333%2023-09-21
ABSTAbsolute Software Corporation2.105%2023-05-10
ADNAcadian Timber6.682%2023-09-28
AREAecon Group6.721%2023-09-21
AOIAfrica Oil Corp.2.526%2023-09-07
AFNAg Growth International1.16%2023-09-28
AGF.BAgf Management Ltd. Cl.B Nv5.618%2023-10-10
AEMAgnico-Eagle Mines3.529%2023-08-31
BOSAirBoss of America9.732%2023-09-28
AGIAlamos Gold0.906%2023-09-13
AD.UNAlaris Equity Partners Income Trust trust units10.303%2023-09-28
ALCAlgoma Central Corporation4.848%2023-08-17
AQNAlgonquin Power And Utilities7.613%2023-09-27
ATDAlimentation Couche-Tard0.798%2023-09-14
AP.UNAllied Properties Real Estate Inv Trust10.181%2023-09-28
ALSAltius Minerals Corporation1.501%2023-08-30
AIFAltus Group Limited1.255%2023-09-28
HOT.UNAmerican Hotel Income Properties REIT LP14.567%2023-09-28
ARGAmerigo Resources Ltd.9.917%2023-08-29
ANDAndlauer Healthcare Group0.9%2023-09-28
ADW.AAndrew Peller5.857%2023-09-28
ARXArc Resources3.243%2023-09-28
AX.UNArtis Real Estate Investment Trust Units9.524%2023-09-28
AIAtrium Mortgage Investment Corporation8.704%2023-09-28
ORAAura Minerals Inc.4.35%2023-06-20
AFCC.HAutomotive Finco Corp.36.643%2023-01-30
APR.UNAutomotive Properties Real Estate Investment 7.753%2023-09-28
BTOB2Gold Corp.5.713%2023-09-20
ZAGBMO Aggregate Bond Index ETF3.741%2023-09-27
ZEQTBMO All-Equity ETF1.843%2023-09-27
ZBALBMO Balanced ETF2.137%2023-09-27
ZBIBMO Canadian Bank Income Index ETF3.405%2023-09-27
ZDVBMO Canadian Dividend ETF4.349%2023-09-27
ZWCBMO Canadian High Dividend Covered Call ETF8.18%2023-09-27
ZCHBMO China Equity Index ETF1.269%2022-12-28
ZCLNBMO Clean Energy Index ETF1.264%2022-12-28
ZCONBMO Conservative ETF2.92%2023-09-27
ZCBBMO Corporate Bond Index ETF4.052%2023-09-27
ZWB.UBMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETF8.407%2023-09-27
ZWBBMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETF Units8.328%2023-09-27
ZWABMO Covered Call Dow Jones Industrial Average Hedg6.727%2023-09-27
ZWENBMO Covered Call Energy ETF8.624%2023-09-27
ZWHCBMO Covered Call Health Care ETF6.862%2023-09-27
ZWTBMO Covered Call Technology ETF4.23%2023-09-27
ZWKBMO Covered Call US Banks ETF CAD Units12.163%2023-09-27
ZWUBMO Covered Call Utilities ETF9.671%2023-09-27
ZDBBMO Discount Bond Index ETF2.607%2023-09-27
ZDJBMO Dow Jones Industrial Average Hedged to CAD Ind1.741%2023-09-27
ZEFBMO Emerging Markets Bond Hedged to CAD Index ETF4.72%2023-09-27
ZEBBMO Equal Weight Banks Index ETF4.815%2023-09-27
ZMTBMO Equal Weight Global Base Metals Hedged to CAD 1.392%2022-12-28
ZEOBMO Equal Weight Oil & Gas Index ETF5.544%2023-09-27
ZREBMO Equal Weight REITs Index ETF5.271%2023-09-27
ZUBBMO Equal Weight US Banks Hedged to CAD Index ETF2.879%2023-09-27
ZBKBMO Equal Weight US Banks Index ETF2.783%2023-09-27
ZUHBMO Equal Weight US Health Care Hedged to CAD Inde0.466%2022-12-28
ZUTBMO Equal Weight Utilities Index ETF CAD units4.488%2023-09-27
ZWPBMO Europe High Dividend Covered Call ETF7.558%2023-09-27
ZWEBMO Europe High Dividend Covered Call Hedged to CA6.796%2023-09-27
STPLBMO Global Consumer Staples Hedged to CAD Index ET2.497%2023-09-27
ZWQTBMO Global Enhanced Income Fund6.92%2023-09-27
ZWGBMO Global High Dividend Covered Call ETF CAD Unit7.677%2023-09-27
ZGSBBMO Global Strategic Bond Fund4.854%2023-09-27
ZGRO.TBMO Growth ETF6.207%2023-09-27
ZGROBMO Growth ETF1.96%2023-09-27
ZHYBMO High Yield US Corporate Bond Hedged to CAD Ind6.864%2023-09-27
ZJKBMO High Yield US Corporate Bond Index ETF6.357%2023-09-27
ZIDBMO India Equity Index ETF0.276%2022-12-28
ZDIBMO International Dividend ETF4.379%2023-09-27
ZDHBMO International Dividend Hedged to CAD ETF3.964%2023-09-27
ZJPNBMO Japan Index ETF2.074%2023-09-27
ZPRBMO Laddered Preferred Share Index ETF6.323%2023-09-27
ZLCBMO Long Corporate Bond Index ETF5.644%2023-09-27
ZFLBMO Long Federal Bond Index ETF4.044%2023-09-27
ZPLBMO Long Provincial Bond Index ETF4.754%2023-09-27
ZLBBMO Low Volatility Canadian Equity ETF2.31%2023-09-27
ZLEBMO Low Volatility Emerging Markets Equity ETF3.525%2022-12-28
ZLIBMO Low Volatility International Equity ETF2.896%2023-09-27
ZLUBMO Low Volatility US Equity ETF1.977%2023-09-27
ZGRNBMO MSCI ACWI Paris Aligned Climate Equity Index E2.155%2023-09-27
ZVCBMO MSCI Canada Value Index ETF3.486%2023-09-27
ZDMBMO MSCI EAFE Hedged to CAD Index ETF2.698%2023-09-27
ZEABMO MSCI EAFE Index ETF3.431%2023-09-27
ZEMBMO MSCI Emerging Markets Index ETF2.91%2022-12-28
ZUQBMO MSCI USA High Quality Index ETF0.75%2023-09-27
ZCMBMO Mid Corporate Bond Index ETF4.167%2023-09-27
ZFMBMO Mid Federal Bond Index ETF2.494%2023-09-27
ZMPBMO Mid Provincial Bond Index ETF3.2%2023-09-27
ZICBMO Mid-Term US IG Corporate Bond Index ETF4.017%2023-09-27
ZMMKBMO Money Market Fund4.739%2023-09-27
ZMIBMO Monthly Income ETF4.82%2023-09-27
ZQQBMO Nasdaq 100 Equity Hedged To CAD Index ETF0.243%2022-12-28
ZNQBMO Nasdaq 100 Equity Index ETF0.739%2022-12-28
ZPAY.FBMO Premium Yield ETF6.868%2023-09-27
ZPAYBMO Premium Yield ETF6.469%2023-09-27
ZRRBMO Real Return Bond Index ETF7.185%2023-09-27
ZUEBMO S&P 500 Hedged to CAD Index ETF1.453%2023-09-27
ZMIDBMO S&P US Mid Cap Index ETF1.283%2023-09-27
ZCNBMO S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index ETF2.84%2023-09-27
ZSPBMO S&P 500 Index ETF1.421%2023-09-27
ZCSBMO Short Corporate Bond Index ETF3.432%2023-09-27
ZSBBMO Short-Term Bond Index ETF2.628%2023-09-27
ZTIPBMO Short-Term US TIPS Index ETF4.381%2023-09-27
ZZZDBMO Tactical Dividend ETF Fund ETF Series Units4.386%2023-09-27
ZDYBMO US Dividend ETF2.697%2023-09-27
ZUDBMO US Dividend Hedged to CAD ETF2.796%2023-09-27
ZWHBMO US High Dividend Covered Call ETF6.005%2023-09-27
ZWSBMO US High Dividend Covered Call Hedged to CAD ET6.199%2023-09-27
ZHPBMO US Preferred Share Hedged to CAD Index ETF7.53%2023-09-27
ZUPBMO US Preferred Share Index ETF6.683%2023-09-27
ZPWBMO US Put Write ETF7.535%2023-09-27
ZPHBMO US Put Write Hedged to CAD ETF8.328%2023-09-27
HOM.UBSR Real Estate Investment Trust4.441%2023-09-28
BTB.UNBTB Real Estate Investment Trust10.417%2023-09-28
BDGIBadger Infrastructure Solutions2.012%2023-09-28
BMOBank Of Montreal5.267%2023-10-27
BNSBank Of Nova Scotia7.119%2023-10-02
ABXBarrick Gold Corporation2.753%2023-08-30
BTEBaytex Energy1.601%2023-09-14
BEK.BBecker Milk Company Ltd.6.334%2023-09-20
PRMBig Pharma Split Corp. Class A Shares8.75%2023-09-28
BIRBirchcliff Energy Ltd.10.681%2023-09-14
BDTBird Construction4.224%2023-10-30
BDIBlack Diamond Group1.144%2023-09-28
BLB.UNBloom Select Income Fund6.693%2023-10-30
RBN.UNBlue Ribbon Income Fund6.676%2023-09-28
BEI.UNBoardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust1.79%2023-10-30
BPF.UNBoston Pizza Royalties Income Fund8.594%2023-09-20
BYDBoyd Group Services Inc.0.243%2023-09-28
BREBridgemarq Real Estate Services10.345%2023-09-28
BMAXBrompton Enhanced Multi-Asset Income ETF10.3%2023-09-28
EDGFBrompton European Dividend Growth ETF6.046%2023-09-28
BEPRBrompton Flaherty & Crumrine Enhanced Investment G10.294%2023-09-28
BDIVBrompton Global Dividend Growth ETF7.634%2023-09-28
HIGBrompton Global Healthcare Income & Growth ETF8.376%2023-09-28
LCSBrompton Lifeco Split Corp17.208%2023-09-28
SBCBrompton Split Banc Corp.14.833%2023-09-28
SPLTBrompton Split Corp. Preferred Share ETF6.194%2023-09-28
TLFBrompton Tech Leaders Income ETF5.974%2023-09-28
BAMBrookfield Asset Management3.915%2023-08-30
BBUCBrookfield Business Corporation Class A1.411%2023-08-30
BBU.UNBrookfield Business Partners [TSX]1.667%2023-08-30
BNBrookfield Corporation Class A Limited Voting Shar0.912%2023-08-30
BGI.UNBrookfield Global Infrastructure Securities I15.152%2023-09-28
BIP.UNBrookfield Infra Partners Lp Units5.494%2023-08-30
BIPCBrookfield Infrastructure4.485%2023-08-30
BEPCBrookfield Renewable Corporation5.797%2023-08-30
BEP.UNBrookfield Renewable Energy Partners Lp6.468%2023-08-30
CCL.BCCL Industries1.859%2023-09-14
CEUCES Energy Solutions2.695%2023-09-28
NXF.BCI Energy Giants Covered Call ETF7.352%2023-09-22
FSBCI Enhanced Short Duration Bond Fund3.592%2023-09-22
CICCI First Asset CanBanc Income Class ETF ETF Shares8.703%2023-09-22
RITCI First Asset Canadian REIT ETF5.606%2023-09-22
NXFCI First Asset Energy Giants Covered Call ETF Comm7.538%2023-09-22
CGXFCI Gold+ Giants Covered Call ETF10.504%2023-09-22
FHICI Health Care Giants Covered Call ETF5.958%2023-09-22
CSAVCI High Interest Savings ETF4.306%2023-09-25
FIGCI Investment Grade Bond ETF4.369%2023-09-22
TXF.BCI Tech Giants Covered Call ETF8.967%2023-09-22
TXFCI Tech Giants Covered Call ETF9.06%2023-09-22
FLICI U.S. & Canada Lifeco Income ETF8.061%2023-09-22
DGRCCI WisdomTree Canada Quality Dividend Growth Index2.754%2023-09-22
CCEICIBC Canadian Equity Index ETF11.897%2023-09-28
CRT.UNCT Real Estate Investment Trust6.614%2023-09-28
CGYCalian Group2.211%2023-08-23
CFCanaccord Genuity4.293%2023-08-31
CNECanacol Energy Ltd.9.895%2023-09-28
CAR.UNCanadian Apartment Properties REIT3.276%2023-09-28
BKCanadian Banc Corp18.718%2023-09-28
BK.PR.ACanadian Banc Corp. Preferred Shares7.976%2023-09-28
CGICanadian General Investments Limited2.73%2023-08-30
CMCanadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CIBC)6.763%2023-09-27
CNRCanadian National Railway2.172%2023-09-07
CNQCanadian Natural Resources4.172%2023-09-14
NET.UNCanadian Net Real Estate Investment Trus7.403%2023-10-13
CPCanadian Pacific Railway Limited0.763%2023-09-28
CTC.ACanadian Tire4.766%2023-10-30
CTCCanadian Tire Corporation Limited2.421%2023-10-30
CUCanadian Utilities6.274%2023-11-01
EIT.UNCanoe EIT Income Fund9.554%2023-09-21
CPXCapital Power Corporation6.699%2023-09-28
CJCardinal Energy Ltd.10.155%2023-09-28
CWBCdn Western Bank4.659%2023-09-13
CVECenovus Energy1.528%2023-09-14
CEECentamin plc6.789%2023-08-31
CGCenterra Gold4.375%2023-08-14
CIAChampion Iron Limited Ordinary Shares3.759%2023-06-13
CSH.UNChartwell Retirement Residences6.138%2023-09-28
CHE.UNChemtrade Logistics Income Fund7.663%2023-09-28
CHWChesswood Group Limited8.392%2023-09-28
CHP.UNChoice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust6.053%2023-09-28
CIXCi Financial5.309%2023-12-28
CCACogeco Communications5.078%2023-07-26
CGOCogeco Inc. Sv6.101%2023-07-26
CIGIColliers International Group0.317%2023-06-29
CMGComputer Modelling Group2.347%2023-09-06
CSUConstellation Software0.193%2023-09-19
CTSConverge Technology Solutions1.444%2023-09-07
CSW.ACorby Spirit and Wine Limited5.813%2023-09-14
CSW.BCorby Spirit and Wine Limited6.457%2023-09-14
CJR.BCorus Entertainment12.371%2023-07-28
CPGCrescent Point Energy3.711%2023-09-14
CRR.UNCrombie Real Estate Investment Trust7.319%2023-09-28
DHT.UNDRI Healthcare Trust10.53%2023-09-28
DEDecisive Dividend Corporation6.566%2023-09-28
DFYDefinity Financial Corporation1.477%2023-09-14
DRMCDesjardins RI Canada - Low CO2 Index ETF11.864%2023-09-21
DXTDexterra Group6.228%2023-09-28
DIVDiversified Royalty9.486%2023-09-14
DF.PR.ADividend 15 Split Corp. II Preferred Shares5.947%2023-09-28
DFN.PR.ADividend 15 Split Corp. Preferred Shares5.771%2023-09-28
DGSDividend Growth Split Corp. Class A Shares29.056%2023-04-27
DGS.PR.ADividend Growth Split Corp. Preferred Shares5.612%2023-08-30
DSDividend Select 15 Corp10.502%2023-09-28
DBMDoman Building Materials7.609%2023-09-28
MPCT.UNDream Impact Trust9.014%2023-09-28
DIR.UNDream Industrial REIT5.555%2023-09-28
D.UNDream Office REIT10.787%2023-09-28
DRMDream Unlimited2.817%2023-09-14
DPMDundee Precious Metals Inc.2.595%2023-09-28
DNDDye & Durham Limited0.547%2023-09-19
DNGDynacor Gold Mines Inc.3.871%2023-10-10
DXCDynamic Active Canadian Dividend ETF2.696%2023-09-25
DXGDynamic Active Global Dividend ETF0.173%2022-12-29
DXVDynamic Active Investment Grade Floating Rate ETF6.383%2023-09-25
ENSE Split Corp14.62%2023-09-28
ENS.PR.AE Split Corp. Preferred Shares5.44%2023-09-28
ELFE-L Financial Corporation Limited1.695%2023-09-28
ECNECN Capital Corp.1.754%2023-09-14
EFNElement Fleet Management2.082%2023-09-28
ELCElysee Development Corp.5.263%2023-03-30
EMAEmera Incorporated6.017%2023-07-31
EMP.AEmpire Company Ltd. Cl.A Nv1.621%2023-10-12
EDVEndeavour Mining plc Ordinary Shares6.12%2023-08-31
EFXEnerflex Ltd.1.767%2023-08-23
ENI.UNEnergy Income Fund7.843%2023-10-30
ERFEnerplus Corporation1.387%2023-08-30
ENGHEnghouse Systems2.942%2023-11-15
EQBEquitable Group Inc.2.021%2023-09-14
ERE.UNEuropean Residential Real Estate Investm7.347%2023-09-28
ETEvertz Technologies Limited5.989%2023-09-21
CARSEvolve Automobile Innovation Index Fund0.986%2023-09-28
BANKEvolve Canadian Banks and Lifecos Enhanced Yield I13.807%2023-09-28
DATAEvolve Cloud Computing Index Fund0.646%2023-09-28
CYBREvolve Cyber Security Index Fund0.319%2023-09-28
CYBR.BEvolve Cyber Security Index Fund0.276%2023-09-28
HEROEvolve E-Gaming Index ETF Hedged ETF Units0.417%2023-09-28
EBNKEvolve European Banks Enhanced Yield ETF7.524%2023-09-28
LEADEvolve Future Leadership Fund8.289%2023-09-28
LIFEEvolve Global Healthcare Enhanced Yield Fund9.384%2023-09-28
BASEEvolve Global Materials & Mining Enhanced Yield9.844%2023-09-28
BASE.BEvolve Global Materials & Mining Enhanced Yield9.681%2023-09-28
ETSXEvolve S&P/TSX 60 Enhanced Yield Fund10.532%2023-09-28
BILTEvolve Slate Global Real Estate Enhanced Yield Fun9.233%2023-07-28
CALLEvolve US Banks Enhanced Yield Fund15.198%2023-09-28
EIFExchange Income Corporation5.729%2023-09-28
XTCExco Technologies Limited5.817%2023-09-14
FFHFairfax Financial Holdings1.198%2023-01-18
FCIDFidelity International High Dividend Index ETF5.162%2023-09-26
FCUQFidelity U.S. High Quality Index ETF0.741%2023-09-26
FSZFiera Capital Corporation Class A Subordinate15.809%2023-08-21
FTNFinancial 15 Split Corp.24.134%2023-09-28
FTN.PR.AFinancial 15 Split Preferred Shares7.661%2023-09-28
FTTFinning Intl2.504%2023-08-23
FCFirm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation9.649%2023-10-30
FCD.UNFirm Capital Property Trust9.804%2023-10-30
FCR.UNFirst Capital REIT6.677%2023-09-28
FRFirst Majestic Silver Corp.0.404%2023-08-15
FNFirst National Financial6.842%2023-09-28
FMFirst Quantum Minerals0.522%2023-08-25
CIBRFirst Trust Nasdaq Cybersecurity ETF0.207%2023-09-28
FSVFirstService Corporation0.625%2023-09-28
FNVFranco-Nevada Corporation1.026%2023-09-13
FRUFreehold Royalties7.568%2023-09-28
GFLGFL Environmental0.162%2023-07-14
GXEGear Energy Ltd.6.977%2023-09-14
GEOGeodrill Limited3.463%2023-03-17
WNGeorge Weston Ltd.1.883%2023-09-14
GEIGibson Energy8.307%2023-09-28
GILGildan Activewear2.617%2023-08-23
GDVGlobal Dividend Growth Split Corp. Class A Shares14.354%2023-09-28
GDV.PR.AGlobal Dividend Growth Split Corp. Preferred Share5.291%2023-09-28
GDLGoodfellow Inc.7.407%2023-03-01
GRT.UNGranite Real Estate Investment Trust4.47%2023-09-28
GWOGreat-West Lifeco5.429%2023-08-30
GCG.AGuardian Capital Group Limited Class A Non-vo3.048%2023-10-10
GDPYGuardian Directed Premium Yield ETF7.419%2023-09-22
HR.UNH&R Real Estate Inv Trust6.659%2023-09-28
HBAHamilton Australian Bank Equal-Weight Index ETF6.025%2023-09-28
HEBHamilton Canadian Bank Equal-Weight Index ETF5.695%2023-09-28
HCAHamilton Canadian Bank Mean Reversion Index ETF6.144%2023-09-28
HMAXHamilton Canadian Financials Yield Maximizer ETF16.448%2023-09-28
HCALHamilton Enhanced Canadian Bank ETF8.586%2023-09-28
HFINHamilton Enhanced Canadian Financials ETF7.075%2023-09-28
HDIVHamilton Enhanced Multi-Sector Covered Call ETF11.177%2023-09-28
HYLD.UHamilton Enhanced U.S. Covered Call ETF13.198%2023-09-28
HYLDHamilton Enhanced U.S. Covered Call ETF13.414%2023-09-28
HUTSHamilton Enhanced Utilities ETF9.029%2023-09-28
HFTHamilton Financials Innovation ETF0.434%2023-09-28
UMAXHamilton Utilities Yield Maximizer ETF14.925%2023-09-28
HPS.AHammond Power Solutions1.21%2023-09-14
HBFEHarvest Brand Leaders Enhanced Income ETF10.083%2023-09-28
HBFHarvest Brand Leaders Plus Income ETF7.956%2023-09-28
HLFEHarvest Canadian Equity Enhanced Income Leaders ET10.72%2023-09-28
HLIFHarvest Canadian Equity Income Leaders ETF8.542%2023-09-28
HRIFHarvest Diversified Equity Income ETF8.517%2023-09-28
HDIFHarvest Diversified Monthly Income ETF11.702%2023-09-28
HPFHarvest Energy Leaders Plus Income ETF8.671%2023-09-28
HUTEHarvest Equal Weight Global Utilities Enhanced Inc11.552%2023-09-28
HUTLHarvest Equal Weight Global Utilities Income ETF9.181%2023-09-28
HGRHarvest Global REIT Leaders Income ETF9.814%2023-09-28
HHLEHarvest Healthcare Leaders Enhanced Income ETF11.377%2023-09-28
HHL.UHarvest Healthcare Leaders Income ETF8.637%2023-09-28
HHL.BHarvest Healthcare Leaders Income ETF8.279%2023-09-28
HHLHarvest Healthcare Leaders Income ETF Class A Unit9.062%2023-09-28
HTAEHarvest Tech Achievers Enhanced Income ETF10.232%2023-09-28
HTAHarvest Tech Achievers Growth & Income ETF8.35%2023-09-28
TRVIHarvest Travel & Leisure Income ETF10.469%2023-09-28
HUBLHarvest US Bank Leaders Income ETF10.326%2023-09-28
HWXHeadwater Exploration Inc.5.78%2023-09-28
HWOHigh Arctic Energy Services4.918%2023-09-28
HLFHigh Liner4.745%2023-08-31
HCGHome Capital Group1.356%2023-05-30
CBILHorizons 0-3 Month T-Bill ETF4.962%2023-09-29
HADHorizons Active Cdn Bond ETF3.555%2023-09-28
HALHorizons Active Cdn Dividend ETF4.501%2023-09-28
HAZHorizons Active Global Dividend ETF2.517%2023-09-28
HPRHorizons Active Preferred Share ETF Class E Units6.028%2023-09-28
HFRHorizons Active Ultra-Short Term Investment Grade 5.596%2023-09-28
HBALHorizons Balanced TRI ETF Portfolio2.786%2023-09-28
HBGDHorizons Big Data & Hardware Index ETF0.377%2022-12-29
CNCLHorizons Enhanced Canadian Large Cap Equity Covere13.575%2023-09-28
BKCLHorizons Enhanced Equal Weight Canadian Banks Cove17.345%2023-09-28
ENCCHorizons Enhanced Income Energy ETF14.599%2023-09-28
CNCCHorizons Enhanced Income Equity ETF10.521%2023-09-28
BKCCHorizons Enhanced Income Financials ETF10.63%2023-09-28
GLCCHorizons Enhanced Income Gold Producers ETF12.986%2023-09-28
QQCCHorizons Enhanced Income International Equity ETF12.235%2023-09-28
USCCHorizons Enhanced Income US Equity (USD) ETF8.856%2023-09-28
USCLHorizons Enhanced US Large Cap Equity Covered Call14.468%2023-09-28
HBNKHorizons Equal Weight Banks Index ETF5.655%2023-09-28
CHPSHorizons Global Semiconductor Index ETF0.71%2022-12-29
HGYHorizons Gold Yield ETF Class E units6.637%2023-09-28
CASHHorizons High Interest Savings ETF4.796%2023-09-29
HMMJHorizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF3.981%2023-09-28
RBOTHorizons Robotics and Automation Index ETF Class A0.438%2022-12-29
DLR.UHorizons US Dollar Currency ETF3.007%2023-09-29
DLRHorizons US Dollar Currency ETF2.2%2023-09-29
HBMHudbay Minerals0.328%2023-08-31
HHydro One Limited3.583%2023-09-12
IGMIgm Financial6.659%2023-09-28
IMOImperial Oil2.442%2023-08-31
IPOInPlay Oil Corp.6.818%2023-09-14
INC.UNIncome Financial Trust12.44%2023-09-28
ISVInformation Services Corporation4.195%2023-09-28
INEInnergex Renewable Energy7.676%2023-09-28
INO.UNInovalis REIT14.423%2023-10-30
IFCIntact Financial Corporation2.245%2023-09-14
IIP.UNInterrent Real Estate Investment Trust2.936%2023-09-28
PDCInvesco Canadian Dividend Index ETF5.144%2023-09-27
QQCInvesco NASDAQ 100 Index ETF0.517%2023-09-27
QQC.FInvesco QQQ Index ETF0.439%2023-09-27
EQLInvesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Index ETF1.555%2023-09-27
JWELJamieson Wellness Inc.3.142%2023-08-31
KPTKP Tissue7.31%2023-09-28
KBLKbro Linen3.844%2023-09-28
KEG.UNKeg Royalties Income Fund8.652%2023-09-20
KMP.UNKillam Apartment REIT4.132%2023-09-28
KKinross Gold2.691%2023-08-23
LIFLabrador Iron Ore Royalty Corporation12.037%2023-09-28
LAS.ALassonde Industries1.594%2023-08-22
LBLaurentian Bank6.601%2023-09-28
LNFLeons Furniture3.351%2023-09-07
LBSLife & Banc Split Corp Class A Shares16.043%2023-09-28
LBS.PR.ALife & Banc Split Corp. Preferred Shares5.63%2023-09-28
LGT.BLogistec Corporation0.866%2023-09-21
LUNLundin Mining3.704%2023-08-31
MTYMTY Food Group1.753%2023-08-01
QCNMackenzie Canadian Equity Index ETF3.437%2023-09-18
MFTMackenzie Floating Rate Income ETF9.282%2023-09-29
MKZ.UNMackenzie Master Limited Partnership21.519%2022-12-29
QUUMackenzie US Large Cap Equity Index ETF1.339%2023-09-18
MUBMackenzie Unconstrained Bond ETF5.035%2023-09-29
MPC.CMadison Pacific Properties Inc. Class C Non-Voting1.826%2023-08-15
MALMagellan Aerospace Corporation1.339%2023-09-14
MGMagna International3.4%2023-08-17
MFCManulife Financial5.969%2023-08-22
CDIVManulife Smart Dividend ETF3.148%2023-09-28
IDIV.BManulife Smart International Dividend ETF1.402%2023-09-28
MFIMaple Leaf Foods3.231%2023-09-07
MREMartinrea International1.626%2023-09-28
MKPMcan Mortgage Corporation10.066%2023-09-14
DRMedical Facilities3.462%2023-09-28
MRDMelcor Developments5.281%2023-09-14
MR.UNMelcor Real Estate Investment Trust10.762%2023-09-28
RA.UNMiddlefield Global Real Asset Fund6.907%2023-09-28
MHCDMiddlefield Healthcare & Life Sciences ETF5.644%2023-09-28
MRELMiddlefield REIT INDEXPLUS ETF8.212%2023-09-28
MDIVMiddlefield Sustainable Global Dividend ETF5.616%2023-09-28
MI.UNMinto Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust3.689%2023-09-28
TPX.BMolson Coors Canada2.505%2023-08-31
MRG.UNMorguard North American REIT5%2023-09-28
MRT.UNMorguard REIT4.436%2023-09-28
MTLMullen Group5.405%2023-09-28
CBNKMulvihill Canadian Bank Enhanced Yield ETF10.903%2023-09-28
MPYMulvihill Premium Yield Fund6.379%2023-09-28
NUBFNBI Unconstrained Fixed Income ETF11.894%2023-09-21
NANational Bank Of Canada4.599%2023-09-22
NBLYNeighbourly Pharmacy1.485%2023-08-28
NGTNewmont Goldcorp Corporation4.337%2023-09-06
NWXNewport Exploration Ltd.15.094%2023-08-24
NXR.UNNexus Real Estate Investment Trust9.384%2023-09-28
NOANorth American Construction Group Ltd.1.361%2023-08-30
NPINorthland Power5.607%2023-09-28
NWH.UNNorthwest Healthcare Prop Reit7.423%2023-09-28
ONEXONEX Corporation Subordinate Voting Shares0.504%2023-10-06
OGCOceanaGold Corporation1.059%2023-08-23
OLYOlympia Financial Group Inc.8.121%2023-09-19
OTEXOpen Text2.79%2023-08-31
ORC.BOrca Energy Group Inc.8.316%2023-09-28
OROsisko Gold Royalties1.535%2023-09-28
OVVOvintiv Inc.2.536%2023-09-14
PGI.UNPIMCO Global Income Opportunities Fund10.067%2023-09-28
PRV.UNPRO Real Estate Investment Trust10.74%2023-09-28
PAASPan American Silver Corp.2.867%2023-08-18
POUParamount Resources4.858%2023-10-13
PXTParex Resources Inc.5.929%2023-09-14
PLCPark Lawn Corporation2.539%2023-09-28
PKIParkland Corporation3.426%2023-09-21
PSIPason Systems3.574%2023-09-14
PPLPembina Pipeline [TSX]6.683%2023-09-14
PETPet Valu Holdings Ltd.0.166%2023-08-30
TALPetroTal Corp.5.263%2023-08-30
PEYPeyto Exploration and Development9.771%2023-09-28
PHXPhx Energy Services7.989%2023-09-28
PFCBPicton Mahoney Fortified Core Bond Fund6.148%2023-09-21
PNEPine Cliff Energy Ltd.9.217%2023-09-14
PIPEPipestone Energy Corp.6%2023-09-14
PZAPizza Pizza6.767%2023-09-28
PLZ.UNPlaza Retail REIT7.931%2023-09-28
PIFPolaris Infrastructure Inc.5.722%2023-08-11
PBLPollard Banknote Limited0.641%2023-09-28
POWPower Corporation Of Canada Sv6.14%2023-09-28
PSKPrairieSky Royalty3.901%2023-09-28
MMP.UNPrecious Metals And Mining Trust6.486%2023-09-28
PBHPremium Brands Holdings Corporation3.274%2023-09-28
MCADPremium Cash Management Fund5.112%2023-09-28
PIC.APremium Income Corporation20.628%2023-07-13
PMZ.UNPrimaris Real Estate Investment Trust6.149%2023-09-28
PRMWPrimo Water Corporation2.343%2023-08-23
PSDPulse Seismic2.66%2023-08-11
BTCY.BPurpose Bitcoin Yield ETF10.542%2023-09-27
BTCYPurpose Bitcoin Yield ETF10.753%2023-09-27
PDFPurpose Core Dividend Fund4.516%2023-09-26
PDIVPurpose Enhanced Dividend Fund10.848%2023-09-26
PAYFPurpose Enhanced Premium Yield Fund8.944%2023-09-26
ETHY.UPurpose Ether Yield ETF16.732%2023-09-27
ETHY.BPurpose Ether Yield ETF11.829%2023-09-27
ETHYPurpose Ether Yield ETF12.205%2023-09-27
HEALPurpose Healthcare Innovation Yield Fund8.117%2023-07-26
PSAPurpose High Interest Savings ETF Units4.931%2023-09-28
PIDPurpose International Dividend Fund4.593%2023-09-26
PINPurpose Monthly Income Fund6.107%2023-09-26
PYF.UPurpose Premium Yield Fund8.947%2023-09-26
RLBRBC 1-5 Year Laddered Canadian Bond ETF2.819%2023-09-21
RBNKRBC Canadian Bank Yield Index ETF5.032%2023-09-21
RCDCRBC Canadian Dividend Covered Call ETF7.633%2023-09-21
RPFRBC Canadian Preferred Share ETF6.501%2023-09-21
RUDRBC Quant U.S. Dividend Leaders ETF1.719%2023-09-21
RSReal Estate & E-Comm Split Corp13.624%2023-09-28
QSRRestaurant Brands International3.308%2023-09-19
RPI.UNRichards Packaging Income Fund3.986%2023-09-28
RCHRichelieu Hardware1.497%2023-07-19
REI.UNRioCan Real Estate Investment Trust6.102%2023-09-28
RBARitchie Bros Auctioneers1.688%2023-08-22
RCI.BRogers Communications Inc. Cl.B Nv3.951%2023-09-07
RCI.ARogers Communications Inc. Class A Shares3.949%2023-09-07
RSIRogers Sugar6.742%2023-09-28
RYRoyal Bank Of Canada4.657%2023-10-25
RY.PR.HRoyal Bank of Canada Non-Cumulative 5-Year Rate Re5.118%2023-10-25
RUSRussel Metals4.271%2023-08-28
SECUSSC Security Services Corp.4.478%2023-09-28
SFCSagicor Financial Company Ltd.6.092%2023-08-22
SSLSandstorm Gold Ltd.1.301%2023-10-16
SISSavaria Corporation3.685%2023-09-28
SESSecure Energy Services Inc.5.51%2023-09-28
PMESentry Select Primary Metals Corp. Class A Shares8.072%2023-09-28
SIASienna Senior Living9.017%2023-09-28
SVMSilvercorp Metals1.093%2023-06-09
SRV.UNSir Royalty Income Fund6.951%2023-09-20
SGR.UNSlate Grocery REIT10.772%2023-09-28
SOT.UNSlate Office REIT9.375%2023-09-28
ZZZSleep Country Canada Holdings Inc.4.167%2023-08-24
SRU.UNSmartCentres REIT8.334%2023-09-28
SDESpartan Delta Corp.26.316%2022-12-14
TOYSpin Master Corp. Subordinate Voting Shares0.712%2023-09-28
STLCStelco Holdings Inc.4.588%2023-08-17
SJStella Jones1.415%2023-09-01
RAY.AStingray Group6.25%2023-08-30
SVIStorageVault Canada Inc.0.264%2023-09-28
SLFSun Life Financial4.588%2023-08-29
SUSuncor Energy4.541%2023-08-31
SPBSuperior Plus7.273%2023-09-28
SGYSurge Energy5.479%2023-09-28
SIH.UNSustainable Innovation & Health Dividend Fund4.25%2023-09-28
PWISustainable Power & Infrastructure Split Corp.14.761%2023-09-28
MSRE.UNSustainable Real Estate Dividend Fund7.3%2023-09-28
SYZSylogist Ltd.0.556%2023-08-30
TRPTC Energy8.131%2023-09-28
TGEDTD Active Global Enhanced Dividend ETF4.297%2023-09-27
TGRETD Active Global Real Estate Equity ETF5.528%2023-09-27
TUEDTD Active U.S. Enhanced Dividend ETF3.057%2023-09-27
TUHYTD Active U.S. High Yield Bond ETF6.898%2023-09-27
TDBTD Canadian Aggregate Bond Index ETF4.63%2023-09-27
TTPTD Canadian Equity Index ETF3.24%2023-09-27
TDOCTD Global Healthcare Leaders Index ETF0.948%2023-09-27
TECTD Global Technology Leaders Index ETF CAD Units0.265%2023-09-27
TPETD International Equity Index ETF3.072%2023-09-27
TQCDTD Q Canadian Dividend ETF4.046%2023-09-27
XTD.PR.ATDb Split Corp. Priority Equity Shares5.497%2023-09-28
TFIITFI International1.098%2023-09-28
XTMX Group2.487%2023-08-10
TVETamarack Valley Energy Ltd.4.032%2023-09-28
TECK.BTeck Resources Limited B shares0.879%2023-09-14
TECK.ATeck Resources Limited Class A Multiple Voting Sha0.877%2023-09-14
TTelus Corporation6.806%2023-09-07
TVKTerraVest Industries Inc.1.32%2023-09-28
NWCThe North West Company4.51%2023-09-28
TRIThomson Reuters Corporation1.953%2023-08-16
TWMTidewater Midstream and Infrastructure Ltd.3.922%2023-09-28
TFTimbercreek Financial Corp.10.439%2023-09-28
TTNMTitanium Transportation Group Inc.3.213%2023-08-30
TPZTopaz Energy Corp.5.939%2023-09-14
TIHToromont Industries1.562%2023-09-07
TDToronto-Dominion Bank4.776%2023-10-05
TOUTourmaline Oil1.551%2023-09-14
RNWTransAlta Renewables7.826%2023-09-14
TATransalta Corporation1.926%2023-08-31
TSLTree Island Steel Ltd.3.871%2023-09-28
TCWTrican Well Service6.682%2023-09-14
TCNTricon Capital Group3.248%2023-09-28
TFPMTriple Flag Precious Metals Corp.1.629%2023-08-30
TNT.UNTrue North Apartment Reit14.211%2023-09-28
HISU.UUS High Interest Savings Account Fund4.801%2023-09-28
UFCUrbanfund Corp.4.854%2023-09-28
VEQTVanguard All-Equity ETF Portfolio1.954%2022-12-29
VBALVanguard Balanced ETF Portfolio2.334%2023-09-29
VABVanguard Canadian Aggregate Bond Index ETF Redeema3.121%2023-09-28
VCBVanguard Canadian Corporate Bond Index ETF Redeema3.533%2023-09-28
VGVVanguard Canadian Government Bond Index ETF2.927%2023-09-28
VLBVanguard Canadian Long-Term Bond Index ETF4.059%2023-09-28
VSBVanguard Canadian Short-Term Bond Index ETF Redeem2.625%2023-09-28
VSCVanguard Canadian Short-Term Corporate Bond Index 3.167%2023-09-28
VCNSVanguard Conservative ETF Portfolio2.459%2023-09-29
VCIPVanguard Conservative Income ETF Portfolio2.577%2023-09-29
VCNVanguard FTSE Canada All Cap Index ETF3.24%2023-09-28
VCEVanguard FTSE Canada Index ETF3.555%2023-09-28
VREVanguard FTSE Canadian Capped REIT Index ETF rede4.143%2023-09-28
VDYVanguard FTSE Canadian High Dividend Yield Index 5.018%2023-09-28
VEFVanguard FTSE Developed All Cap Ex U.S. Index ETF2.776%2023-09-18
VDUVanguard FTSE Developed All Cap Ex U.S. Index ETF2.797%2023-09-18
VIVanguard FTSE Developed All Cap ex North America I2.795%2023-09-28
VIUVanguard FTSE Developed All Cap ex North America I2.864%2023-09-28
VAVanguard FTSE Developed Asia Pacific All Cap Index2.831%2023-09-28
VEVanguard FTSE Developed Europe All Cap Index ETF3.144%2023-09-28
VIDYVanguard FTSE Developed ex North America High Divi4.142%2023-09-28
VEEVanguard FTSE Emerging Markets All Cap Index ETF R2.594%2023-09-18
VXCVanguard FTSE Global All Cap ex Canada Index ETF1.755%2023-09-28
VMOVanguard Global Momentum Factor ETF1.637%2022-12-29
VVLVanguard Global Value Factor ETF2.407%2022-12-29
VGROVanguard Growth ETF Portfolio2.214%2023-09-29
VRIFVanguard Retirement Income ETF Portfolio4.659%2023-09-28
VSPVanguard S&P 500 Index ETF (CAD-hedged)1.295%2023-09-28
VFVVanguard S&P 500 Index ETF redeemable transferabl1.283%2023-09-28
VGHVanguard U.S. Dividend Appreciation (CADhdg)1.49%2023-09-28
VGGVanguard U.S. Dividend Appreciation Index ETF1.497%2023-09-28
VUNVanguard U.S. Total Market Index ETF1.219%2023-09-21
VUSVanguard U.S. Total Market Index ETF (CAD-hedged)1.235%2023-09-21
VETVermilion Energy2.125%2023-09-28
VCIVitreous Glass Inc.14.206%2023-07-31
WSPWSP Global0.798%2023-09-28
WJXWajax Corporation4.724%2023-09-14
WFCWall Financial Corporation15.641%2023-02-16
WCNWaste Connections Inc.0.747%2023-08-15
WSRDWealthsimple Developed Markets ex North America So2.572%2023-09-18
WSRIWealthsimple North America Socially Responsible In1.384%2023-09-18
WFGWest Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.1.659%2023-09-26
WBEWestBond Enterprises Corporation11.111%2022-12-02
WEFWestern Forest Products Inc.6.173%2023-08-24
WTEWestshore Terminals Inv5.657%2023-09-28
WPMWheaton Precious Metals1.512%2023-08-24
WCPWhitecap Resources5.269%2023-09-28
YYellow Pages Limited6.584%2023-08-24
GSYgoeasy Ltd.3.637%2023-09-28
IAGiA Financial Corporation3.616%2023-08-24
XSTPiShares 0-5 Year TIPS Bond Index ETF3.501%2023-09-25
XTLHiShares 20+ Year U.S. Treasury Bond Index ETF (CAD3.292%2023-09-25
XCBiShares Canadian Corporate Bond Index ETF3.855%2023-09-25
FIEiShares Canadian Financial Monthly Income ETF7.656%2023-09-25
XCGiShares Canadian Growth Index ETF1.071%2023-09-25
XHBiShares Canadian Hybrid Corporate Bond Index ETF4.55%2023-09-25
XRBiShares Canadian Real Return Bond Index ETF2.184%2023-06-26
XDViShares Canadian Select Dividend Index ETF4.546%2023-09-25
XCHiShares China Index ETF2.536%2023-06-26
XBALiShares Core Balanced ETF Portfolio1.724%2023-09-25
XLBiShares Core Canadian Long Term Bond Index ETF4.261%2023-09-25
XSBiShares Core Canadian Short Term Bond Index ETF2.632%2023-09-25
XSHiShares Core Canadian Short Term Corporate Bond3.278%2023-09-25
XBBiShares Core Canadian Universe Bond Index ETF3.172%2023-09-25
XCNSiShares Core Conservative Balanced ETF Portfolio2.409%2023-09-25
XEQTiShares Core Equity ETF Portfolio1.705%2023-09-25
XGROiShares Core Growth ETF Portfolio1.585%2023-09-25
XINCiShares Core Income Balanced ETF Portfolio2.805%2023-09-25
XAWiShares Core MSCI All Country World ex Canada1.122%2023-06-26
XDIViShares Core MSCI Canadian Quality Dividend Index 4.231%2023-09-25
XFHiShares Core MSCI EAFE IMI Index ETF1.839%2023-06-26
XEFiShares Core MSCI EAFE IMI Index ETF2.001%2023-06-26
XECiShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI Index ETF1.761%2023-06-26
XDGiShares Core MSCI Global Quality Dividend Index ET3.062%2023-09-25
XDUiShares Core MSCI US Quality Dividend Index ETF2.412%2023-09-25
XDUHiShares Core MSCI US Quality Dividend Index ETF (C2.623%2023-09-25
XUSiShares Core S&P 500 Index ETF0.875%2023-06-26
XSPiShares Core S&P 500 Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)1.267%2023-06-26
XUUiShares Core S&P U.S. Total Market Index ETF1.127%2023-09-25
XICiShares Core S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index ETF2.691%2023-09-25
XTRiShares Diversified Monthly Income ETF4.888%2023-09-25
XCSRiShares ESG Advanced MSCI Canada Index ETF2.436%2023-09-25
XESGiShares ESG Aware MSCI Canada Index ETF2.369%2023-09-25
XSEAiShares ESG Aware MSCI EAFE Index ETF2.466%2023-06-26
XSUSiShares ESG Aware MSCI USA Index ETF0.993%2023-09-25
GEQTiShares ESG Equity ETF Portfolio1.761%2023-09-25
XMIiShares Edge MSCI Min Vol EAFE ETF2.281%2023-06-26
CEWiShares Equal Weight Banc & Lifeco ETF4.056%2023-09-25
XFRiShares Floating Rate Index ETF4.579%2023-09-25
COWiShares Global Agriculture Index ETF1.175%2023-06-26
XHCiShares Global Healthcare Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)0.95%2023-06-26
CYHiShares Global Monthly Dividend Index ETF5.36%2023-09-25
CWWiShares Global Water Index ETF1.798%2023-09-25
XQBiShares High Quality Canadian Bond Index ETF3.084%2023-09-25
XIDiShares India Index ETF2.208%2023-06-26
XENiShares Jantzi Social Index ETF2.728%2023-09-25
XEMiShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index ETF2.022%2023-06-26
XEUiShares MSCI Europe IMI Index ETF3.335%2023-06-26
XEHiShares MSCI Europe IMI Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)2.18%2023-06-26
XWDiShares MSCI World Index ETF0.838%2023-06-26
XQQiShares NASDAQ 100 Index ETF0.23%2023-06-26
CMRiShares Premium Money Market ETF Common Class3.994%2023-09-26
XMHiShares S&P U.S. Mid-Cap Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)1.297%2023-06-26
XIUiShares S&P/TSX 60 Index ETF3.426%2023-08-31
CDZiShares S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Ind4.009%2023-09-25
CPDiShares S&P/TSX Canadian Preferred Share Index6.094%2023-09-25
XSTiShares S&P/TSX Capped Consumer Staples Index 0.659%2023-09-25
XEGiShares S&P/TSX Capped Energy Index ETF3.161%2023-09-25
XFNiShares S&P/TSX Capped Financials Index ETF3.536%2023-09-25
XREiShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index ETF5.269%2023-09-25
XUTiShares S&P/TSX Capped Utilities Index ETF3.956%2023-09-25
XEIiShares S&P/TSX Composite High Dividend Index ETF5.101%2023-09-25
XBMiShares S&P/TSX Global Base Metals Index ETF5.128%2023-06-26
XGDiShares S&P/TSX Global Gold Index ETF2.178%2023-06-26
XPFiShares S&P/TSX North American Preferred Stock5.81%2023-09-25
XCSiShares S&P/TSX SmallCap Index ETF1.63%2023-09-25
XHDiShares U.S. High Dividend Equity Index ETF3.573%2023-09-25
XHUiShares U.S. High Dividend Equity Index ETF3.777%2023-10-26
XHYiShares U.S. High Yield Bond Index ETF (CADhdg)5.913%2023-09-25
XSUiShares U.S. Small Cap Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)1.361%2023-06-26
CUDiShares US Dividend Growers Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)1.983%2023-09-25

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